Grains are small, hard and dry seeds harvested for human and animal consumption. There are many different types of Grains which are grown worldwide.

Wheat is one of the largest produced cereal grain in the world, with an annual production of about 720 Million tons. Wheat is the leading source of protein in human food, having a higher protein content than many other major cereals. After Rice, wheat is the second-most consumed human food. Top wheat producers are China, India, USA, Russia, France, Canada and Germany.
Corn/Maize is mainly used as food and starch. Major producers of Maize are USA, China, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, India, Mexico, Indonesia, France and South Africa.
Sugar is mainly produced from Sugarcane and Sugar Beet. World production of Sugar is at about 170 Million metric tons a year. An average person consumes 25 kg of sugar per year. Major sugar producing countries are Brazil, India, EU, China, Thailand, USA, Mexico, Russia, Pakistan and Australia.
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