Feed Grain & Protein

There are various types of feed grain & protein available worldwide.

Soybean Meal
Soybean Meal: It is used as a source of protein for animals, including Pigs, Chicken, Fish, Cattle and Sheep.
Balanced Soybean Meal
Balanced Soybean Meal: This product is exported mainly out of Argentina, and is a mix of Soybean Meal, Corn and some other materials.
Rapeseed Meal
Rapeseeds contain about 40% semi-drying oil, which is used as cooking oil or to manufacture margarine.
Shea Nut Meal
Shea Nut Meal is obtained after the fat extraction of Shea Nuts, and is produced in West Africa.
Feed Wheat
Feed Wheat is used for making various feed ingredient products.
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