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The Seasons Overseas Group was established in July 2013 to service the growing demand in high quality agricultural products, focusing on Commodity Rice, Pulses, Sugar, Grains, Oil Seeds and Animal Feed / Meals. We have offices in Mozambique, Nigeria, Singapore, Myanmar and India, as well as partnered offices in Nepal and China. We have made significant progress in the last 6 years and have executed trades with volumes of over 0.25 Million Mts annually. We have an active buyer and seller network with over 200 corporations around the world. Soon, we will have more partnered offices, originating from Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Africa and other regions.


Seasons Overseas Group is engaged in various activities for Corporate Social Responsibility to support needy people. We proactively and continuously make social contributions to encourage the development of the local community. In addition, we respect the culture and customs of every nation and conduct business to contribute to their development.

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SOPL is constantly striving to bring together all its stakeholders, while also working towards creating an ethical business environment and supporting fair trade practices.

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