Our Vision

"Together we Grow" encompasses our vision to become the preferred commodity trading organization, improving aspects of the business we operate in, promoting fair trade practices and ensuring growth of all involved parties. In the process of doing so, we want to encourage co-ownership within the ecosystem thus building shareholder value.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bridge the demand for high quality agricultural products worldwide starting with UK, Europe, South East Asia, followed by Africa & other countries.

Our Strategy

After 6 years & an annual average revenue of about USD 80 Million, we would like to sustain our current revenue and maximise our profitability. Our growth plans are driven by trading capacity in the various markets and the strategy to be integrated across the distribution supply chain - from origination to consumption. This enables control over each stage of business (commodity movement, transaction timing), creating significant cost efficiencies. We would like to ensure strong risk management practices and primarily focus on trade with selected and known counterparties, in familiar markets with proper contingency plans.

Our strategy has 3 pillars and is focused on growth and profitability

SOPL aims to contribute to global food security, with its vast trading acumen and ability to procure and offer commodities at the right time and place.

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